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SIFF 2014 Round Up: Films To Watch Out For In Theaters

 This was personally my favorite year of the Seattle International Film Festival. But I’m a little biased; I cover many of       the Face The Music series of movies for the KEXP Blog and the mighty fine folks at SIFF doubled the amount of those offerings in this year’s line-up.[More]

Stranger critic Kathy Fennessy: My own private Pauline Kael

"It is necessary to confront vague ideas with clear images." -- Jean-Luc Godard, "La Chinoise" (1967) (from the bottom of Kathy's email signature) Kathy Fennessy is a treasure of Seattle, writing about the best music and now film at The Stranger Slog (used to be Line Out), having done most of the[More]

Three Hot Books To Hep You To Your Own EMP Pop Conference

Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m an addict. (Come on ... come on ... “Hi, Chris!” ... Thank you!) I am addicted to pop culture. Off-beat HBO shows, gruesome graphic novels, and especially music someone’s parents must be shaking their angry fists at. Speaking of the latter, music has been provoking deep reactions[More]

Salty Seattle Can Now Get Delicious Steak Sandwiches At The Comet; Then To Ghost Gallery For Spirited Art

  Cap Hill neighborhood bar/roiling live music venue The Comet is open again! I was able to attend the Re-Opening party last week, and man, it was like an exorcist had been in there. It was lovely, shiny, woody, fragrant in all the exact opposite ways it used to be. The upstairs[More]

An Interview with Litsa Dremousis, prized Seattle music journalist, writer-performer, and novelist

Litsa Dremousis and I have been dear friends for a few years, meeting up to munch at three hour lunches that seem like Seattle-soaked lit and music My Dinner With Andre rehearsals. Somehow, those days are usually awkwardly sunny in urban Cascadia, days which are unexpectedly beautiful and astonishing, just like Litsa’s[More]

Words and Ideas all over the place, from the Bumbershoot Mainstage to Fantagraphics

The past couple of days, all my friends were tripping that for Bumbershoot 2014 the Festival’s Mainstage is taking back over Memorial Stadium (after a physical overhaul). Memories of big awesome shows flooded our memory banks; I recall ace Times scribe Andrew Matson mourning its loss in 2011 due to a[More]

Shabazz and comrades raised the Tractor’s roof; lit confessions galore coming up

It’s all about free expression and artistic exploration this week in Seattle arts. A fantastic musical event with local figureheads of hip-hop happened after we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day; and an exciting lit round up to come this Friday. On Tuesday, March 18 at the Tractor Tavern the latest in the series[More]

CityStream Pet of the Week: Macy

Ms. Macy (or Macycakes as her foster parents have been calling her) is a smart, adorable, loving little lady and would make a perfect first pet for the right person/family. She's eager to please and very food motivated which is a formula for training success! She's just looking for that right family[More]

Apocalypse Swagger, the Cap Hill Art Walk, and Survival Research Laboratories

You want a manifesto for Seattle right now? Juxtaposing sports and creative culture, local artist and cultural provocateur Ben Beres wrote an excellent essay for the latest City Arts (March 2014 edition). A sample: “We’re winners now, exporting our cultural successes instead of leaving town in search of them. Opportunities are abundant.[More]

CityStream Pet of the Week: Muffin

Muffin is a quiet, calm girl with beautiful markings and intelligent eyes. At 7 years old, she's pleasantly mellow yet very curious about the world around her. She's eager to meet a loving family and explore the home she'll share with them. Dainty and gentle, Muffin will be an affectionate companion and[More]