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Seattle Channel receives 15 Emmy nominations

The Seattle Channel’s staff is honored and humbled to receive 15 Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominations from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). These nominations, announced via social media on Friday, underscore the quality and breadth of programming produced by Seattle Channel in 2023. 

The municipal TV station received nominations across a wide range of program categories, including business/consumer, health/medical, environment/science, arts/entertainment, historical/cultural, diversity equity inclusion, public affairs, and human interest. Notably, staff members Chris Barnes and Pete Cassam were recognized in craft categories, with Barnes also receiving a nomination for editor in short-form content. 

“I’m immensely proud of our team’s work serving the City of Seattle, our communities, and the Pacific Northwest,” said Shannon Gee, Seattle Channel General Manager. “The high quality and wide breadth of their stories speak to their dedication to inform on and celebrate our region’s history, culture, and concerns.”

“I’m proud of the Seattle Channel team for their continual commitment and passion to producing the news of OneSeattle,” said Interim Chief Technology Officer Jim Loter. “We are lucky here at the City of Seattle to have a valuable resource such as the Seattle Channel and their staff to broadcast these events, news conferences, Seattle shows, and stories.”

Photographer, producer, and editor Randy Eng.

In addition to celebrating these nominations, Randy Eng, a seasoned photographer, producer, and editor with nine years of experience at the Seattle Channel and a 34-year tenure in television news, will be inducted into NATAS’s prestigious Silver Circle. This honor shines a spotlight on media professionals with a minimum of 25 years in the industry who have made indelible contributions to their field and community.

“The Seattle Channel is honored to add another team member to the Silver Circle.” Gee said. “We’re fortunate to benefit from and share in the broadcast excellence, skill, and care Randy brings every day.”

The Northwest Regional Emmy Awards will be announced on June 1. The NATAS region includes five states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. A complete listing of the nominees can be found on the NATAS website

Here is a listing of Seattle Channel’s Emmy nominations: 

Business/Consumer – Short and Long Form Content 
Seattle’s Legendary Scarecrow Video: Christopher Barnes, Photographer and Feliks Banel, Producer

Health/Medical – Short and Long Form Content  
SMASH: Healthcare Assistance for Musicians: Brian Callanan, Writer

Environment/Science – Long Form Content 
CityStream: Species Restoration, Battery Safety, And Turning Down the Volume: Shannon Gee, Executive Producer; Norm Ohashi, Senior Producer; Dennis Bounds, Producer/Host; Christopher Barnes, Photographer/Editor; Peter Cassam, Photographer/Editor; Ian Devier, Photographer/Editor; Michael Crowe, Photographer/Editor; Annabel Cassam, Producer

Arts/Entertainment – Short Form Content 
Stories in Glass & Grisaille: The Rich Artistic World of Cappy Thompson: Annabel Cassam, Producer  

Arts/Entertainment – Long Form Content 
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy – 4/14/23: Nancy Guppy, Producer; Vincent Pierce, Photographer/Editor; Howard Shack, Photographer/Editor; Christopher Barnes, Photographer/Editor  

Historical/Cultural – Short Form Content 
We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists: Ian Devier, Producer; Shannon Gee, Producer; Randy Eng, Producer; Ross Ishikawa, Artist/Illustrator; Frank Abe, Writer; Stephen Thomas Cavit, Composer; Joe Reilly, Voice Over Talent; Kyoko Matsumoto, Voice Over Talent; Derek Wing, Voice Over Talent

Historical/Cultural – Short Form Content 
Life Through The Lens of Al Smith: Randy Eng, Photographer/Editor; Connie Thompson, Reporter; Addy Pratt, Producer

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion – Short Form Content  
The 48-Star Flag Signing Project: Randy Eng, Photojournalist

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion – Short Form Content  
New Mariners Training Centers Encourage Diversity: Brian Callanan, Producer

Diversity Equity Inclusion – Long Form Content 
CityStream: Diversity in Dance and Retiring with Grace: Shannon Gee, Executive Producer; Norm Ohashi, Senior Producer; Enrique Cerna, Producer/Host; Nicole Sanchez, Reporter/Writer; Randy Eng, Photographer/Editor; Ian Devier, Photographer/Editor; Matt Chan, Photographer/Editor; Althea Chow, Reporter; Peter Cassam, Photographer/Editor

Public Affairs Program 
The Fight Against Fentanyl: Susan Han, Producer; Brian Callanan, Writer; Randy Eng, Editor; Dustin Gagne, Photographer/Editor

Human Interest – Short Form Content 
Master Guitar Maker Roy McAlister – Creating Life Out of Raw Materials: Peter Cassam, Producer; Vincent Pierce, Photographer

Video Essayist  
Christopher Barnes  
Pete Cassam

Editor – Short Form Content  
Christopher Barnes