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Musicians featured on Art Zone set to perform at Bumbershoot

Music culture and Seattle are inseparable from one another. Musicians sprout out of Seattle at a rate unprecedented anywhere else in the country. The music scene continues to grow as new musicians are born in Seattle and grow into rock stars, jazz extraordinaires, and masters of their craft. With Seattle’s… [ Keep reading ]

Behind the title Eleven is Forever

The great pianist Overton Berry performed with bassist Jeff Davies on Art Zone this week. Their first song, “Eleven is Forever,” has a great backstory that we didn’t have time to talk about on the show, so I’m sharing it here as told by Keith Terhune, musician and producer, and… [ Keep reading ]

McCready and Morlot talk music on Art Zone

There’s nothing quite like an artistic match up that doesn’t seem, on the surface, to match up. That’s why I love the concept of Sonic Evolution, an ongoing Seattle Symphony series where a Northwest musician/band is invited to create a new composition to be performed by the Seattle Symphony. Past… [ Keep reading ]