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Musicians featured on Art Zone set to perform at Bumbershoot

Music culture and Seattle are inseparable from one another. Musicians sprout out of Seattle at a rate unprecedented anywhere else in the country. The music scene continues to grow as new musicians are born in Seattle and grow into rock stars, jazz extraordinaires, and masters of their craft.

With Seattle’s very own local music festival, Bumbershoot, just around the corner, we bring you some local must-see acts on the festival lineup which also have been featured musical guests on the hip and happening Art Zone with Nancy Guppy. Get a taste of the varied talent from punk-rock quartet Tacocat to power-pop trio Dude York to singer-songwriter Shelby Earl to MoPop SoundOff! Champ Jason McCue.

Just before this performance from 2014, Tacocat had released their second album, “NVM.” Since then, the Seattle band released another hit record, “Lost Time.” Watch them perform one of their catchy classics “Crimson Wave” on Art Zone and catch them at Bumbershoot Saturday, 9/2 at 6 p.m.

Native fun-loving Seattle rockers Dude York perform “Black Jack” on Art Zone. The band plays at Bumbershoot Friday, 9/1 at 5:30 p.m.

Seattle-based musician Shelby Earl never thought she could be a songwriter, and now 10 years after she started writing, she’ll be playing at Bumbershoot Saturday, 9/2 at 3 p.m. In this clip from April, watch Earl and her band perform “The Man Who Made Himself a Name” at the historic Stimson-Green Mansion.

“My whole thinking was ‘I might as well just have fun with this,’ and you can’t have fun if you don’t try,” MoPOP Soundoff! winner Jason McCue told Nancy Guppy on Art Zone. In this clip from June, McCue performs “In Heaven,” off his most recently released album “Obscure.” Want to see more of McCue? He plays at Bumbershoot Friday, 9/1 at 3:15 p.m.