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Seattle Channel receives 9 Northwest Emmy nominations

Seattle Channel is honored to receive nine Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominations from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). Announced virtually on Friday, the nominations highlight the quality and breadth of programming produced by Seattle Channel in 2020.

A photo of Emmy statues on a shelf at the Seattle Channel studios.

The municipal TV station received nominations in a wide range of program categories including Business/Consumer, Health/Medical, Arts/Entertainment, Interactive Media, Interview/Discussion and Human Interest. The team was also recognized in the Program Host and Editor categories. Seattle Channel received a nomination for Overall Excellence, where the channel will compete with some of the region’s best commercial and public television stations.

“2020 challenged the entire world, and as we learn and grow from the cataclysmic events of the last year, I’m humbled and heartened to be working with a team who is using their talents to focus on people and elevate Seattle’s stories,” said Shannon Gee, Seattle Channel general manager. “These nominations for some of our best work, and the Overall Excellence nomination, reaffirm what I see every day within the Seattle Channel team and the people of our city:  resiliency, grit, and heart.”

Three of the Seattle Channel’s outstanding community partners were recognized for work that aired on the channel in 2020. Look, Listen and Learn TV, a locally-produced early learning kids show that airs weekend mornings on Seattle Channel, received two nominations in the Children/Youth/Teens category. Regular contributor KD Hall received a nomination in the Historical/Cultural – Short Form Content category for a short documentary. Film and documentary producers Fidget Films received a nomination in the Documentary – Cultural/History category.

The Northwest Regional Emmy Awards will be announced on June 5. The NATAS region includes five states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. A complete listing of the nominees can be found on the NATAS website

Here is a listing of Seattle Channel’s Emmy nominations followed by the nominations of community partners: 

Business/Consumer – Short and Long Form Content
Jerk Shack seeks to expand to better serve Black community: Christopher Barnes, Producer 

Health/Medical – Long Form Content
CityStream: Healthcare Heroes, Outdoor Learning & May the 4th be with You: Norm Ohashi, Senior Producer; Enrique Cerna, Host; Randy Eng, Ian Devier and Vincent Pierce, Producers/Photographers/Editors; Christopher Barnes, Editor; Linda Byron, Producer/Reporter; Mona Lee Locke, Producer/Reporter/Photographer; Shannon Gee, Executive Producer

Arts/Entertainment – Long Form Content
Music prodigy Benicio Bryant, Seattle’s pyromaniac on Art Zone: Nancy Guppy, Producer/Host; Rosemary Garner and Kate Huisentruit, Producers; Peggy Lycett, Editor; Vincent Pierce, Director/Photographer; Ralph Bevins, Photographer

Interactive Media
Seattle in 360: ONYX Fine Arts Collective & Gallery: Ian Devier and Randy Eng, Producers/Photographers/Editors; Jennifer Nerad and Tyler Sipe, Multimedia Producers; Shannon Gee, Executive Producer

City Inside/Out: Future of the Seattle Police Department: Susan Han, Senior Producer; Brian Callanan, Host/Producer

Human Interest – Short Form Content
CityStream: Greg Roth cycles with purpose: Christopher Barnes, Producer; Jason Tang, Videographer

Seattle Channel congratulates community partners Look, Listen and Learn TV; KD Hall; and Fidget Films on their nominations for productions that have appeared on the channel:

Don’t Touch My Fur!:! Look, Listen and Learn TV; Val Thomas-Matson, Executive Producer/Host; David Tanner, Director

What Does “Black Lives Matter” Mean?: Look, Listen and Learn TV; Val Thomas-Matson, Executive Producer/Host

Historical/Cultural – Short Form Content
The Untold Stories of Black Women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement: KD Hall Communications; KD Hall, Executive Producer

Documentary – Cultural/Historical
Song of Rapa Nui: Fidget Films and Rushmore Films; John Forsen, Producer/Director; David Fulton, Producer; Gayle Podrabsky, Producer; Amy Fulton, Producer; Dan Larson, Editor