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Eel, Oprah, & cocktails. It’s Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Eating season is upon us, grab your fork and look back at these culinary features. Lauren Ko created masterpieces to pie for (even Oprah and Martha Stewart loved them), the sisters behind Seattle’s beloved Pie Bar showed Nancy Guppy the importance of a themed cocktail, and artist Drew Christie convinced us to put eel back on our Thanksgiving plates.

Art Zone: Drew Christie’s Thanksgiving Eel

Hear us out… eel for Thanksgiving. What, you need more convincing? Animator and illustrator Drew Christie is determined to get you there. His short film details the history of eel as a common dish and imagines how we might bring it back to our plates.

Art Zone: Pie Bar Ballard

The sibling duo behind Pie Bar is giving you pumpkin to talk about with their year-round savory turkey pie and pie cocktails. 🥧🍸 Natalie Stroeve provides pro tips on what to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers in this Art Zone with Nancy Guppy feature from 2016.

Art Zone: Lauren Ko gives a tour of her viral culinary Instagram account, LoKoKitchen

Inspired to bring a work of art to your Thanksgiving table? You’ll want to meet the local 🥧 pie maker who has legions of fans, including celebrities Oprah and Martha Stewart. This Art Zone with Nancy Guppy feature highlights Lokokitchen‘s edible art and how she developed her baking chops.