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That’s a wrap! Award-winning videographer Ralph Bevins retires after 20+ years at Seattle Channel


Ralph Bevins, a Seattle Channel Video Specialist II (a fancy way of describing our Producer/Photographer/Editors), is retiring Wednesday after 20 years with the Seattle Channel.

Ralph began his broadcasting career as a news photographer and editor in Orlando, Florida…further back than he says he’d like to admit. He then became a producer, photographer, and editor for the nationally-syndicated PM Magazine in Orlando, Chicago, and Dallas. In 1986, he moved to Seattle to help launch KING-TV’s Evening Magazine, eventually heading over to their sketch comedy show, Almost Live! in 1993 where he served as director of photography, editor, writer, and occasional almost-crime-fighting superhero, “Jet Guy.”

In 1999, Ralph came to the Seattle Channel, where he has produced, photographed and/or edited magazine shows, feature stories, artist profiles, documentaries, specials, and city news and events. He’s earned 17 regional Emmy Awards during his career (ten with the Seattle Channel). Ralph is honored to have been a part of the Seattle Channel team and proud of the excellent work they have accomplished.

Here’s a look back at some of his award-winning and most popular videos.

CityStream: Seattle’s Georgetown Steam Plant

It seems every neighborhood in Seattle has their own little hidden treasures. The neighborhood of Georgetown has a hidden treasure of its own. One with a “bright” connection to the City’s past.

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy launches its second decade!

Art Zone celebrated 10 years on the air in 2019, with a snappy season opener that looks back at a decade of music and art on the Seattle Channel.

Community Stories: Hat ‘n’ Boots

With its 44-foot-wide cowboy hat and 22-foot-high boots, the Hat ‘n’ Boots Premium Tex gas station created an immediate sensation when it opened in 1954. By the late 1980s, however, it looked like this colossal, quirky icon was finished. That’s before Georgetown residents saddled up to rescue the “soul” of their community.

CityStream: Lance Mercer’s New Focus

Photographer Lance Mercer says his time covering Pearl Jam was similar to that of a war photographer. The war Lance is fighting now is much different; he’s been diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood cancer. But he has an important ally in his corner and together they’re taking it on with all they’ve got.

Art Zone Special with Mike McCready

This 2017 special episode of Art Zone features Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready in conversation with host Nancy Guppy from her living room.

Community Stories: Cyrus Habib – From Braille to Yale

The experience of losing his eyesight to cancer at age eight led Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib on a path to help others. Elected in 2016 at the age of 35, Habib was the first Iranian American official to hold a statewide elected office in the United States. The Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law grad shares his personal journey to public service (which included serving in the state House and Senate), the role of lieutenant governor, and the technological innovations that help him preside over the state Senate.