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To Three Councilmembers: An Ode

It’s the end of an era.

Outgoing Seattle City Council members Jean Godden, Nick Licata and Tom Rasmussen reflect on their years in office, including successes, regrets and what’s next on the December episode of City Inside/Out: Council Edition. Plus, host Brian Callanan goes into poem mode and offers this ode to the three longtime lawmakers.

We mark now the end of three Council careers,
‘Tis a day some will mourn though others might cheer.
Jean Godden steps down without too much quibbling,
Though she’s far from done filling her notebooks with scribbling.
Yes, Jean, even now at a four-score plus four age,
Still has to fight for a woman’s fair wage.
Tom Rasmussen has led us in all things transportation,
But don’t blame him for our worst traffic in the nation.
No, from a bus seat to a bike, riding tall in the saddle,
He’ll keep working for a less congested Seattle.
Finally, Nick—Licata, not the jolly old saint,
Still has windmills to tilt and fences to paint.
If you thought his activism was tough to abide,
Well, guess what? He’s taking it, now, nationwide.
So, these three, even after their decades of service,
Have left enough things un-done to make us all nervous.
From the highest of the high to the persona non grata,
Good luck, Councilmembers Godden, Rasmussen, and Licata.

We give them the last word on the December episode of City Inside/Out: Council Edition.