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Suggested summer reads for children and teens on CityStream

This week on CityStream we learned about Seattle Public Library’s Summer of Learning, which offers hundreds of free programs for children and teens, games and activities to keep youth engaged and learning all summer long. We caught up with Erica Delavan, children’s services librarian at the Northeast Branch. She kindly offered her top summer-reading picks to keep kids turning the pages this summer.

Watch our short interview with Erica:

Children’s librarian Erica Delavan’s suggested summer reads for children and teens.

Children (Ages 5-12)

Under a Pig Tree: A History of the Noble Fruit
By Margie Palatini
This would-be nonfiction picture book about figs turns downright silly when the printer makes a HORRIBLE mistake, changing all the figs into pigs!

The Scoop on Ice Cream
By Bonnie Williams
Where was ice cream invented? How much ice cream did George Washington eat? How is ice cream made? What are the weirdest flavors of ice cream? Find these and more fun facts in this nonfiction early reader.

By Gordon Korman
Eli and his friends live in Serenity, the most perfect town in the country, maybe the world. But when Eli’s best friend is shipped out of town, the kids follow his clues to discover that Serenity may not be as perfect as they have been led to believe.

Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel
By Megan Morrison
In this alternative take on the familiar tale, Rapunzel doesn’t want to be rescued. Why would she? Her beloved Witch keeps her safe from all the perils of the outside world. But when she learns that Witch is in danger, she must leave her tower for the very first time.

Historical Animals
By Julia Moberg
Find out all sorts of fascinating facts about animals that changed the world, from Ptolemy’s Egyptian polar bear to Roosevelt’s famous bear to Dolly the cloned sheep!

Teens (13-18)

The Crossover
By Kwame Alexander
Twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan struggle on and off the court to follow in their dad’s footsteps, while at the same time navigating the ins and outs of brotherhood, friendship and teamwork in this rhythmically-driven novel in verse.

5 to 1
By Holly Bodger
With a combination of poetry and prose, readers are transported to India in 2054, where boys now outnumber girls 5 to 1. Gender equality is turned on its head as boys must compete in a series of tests to be eligible to marry 17-year-old Sudasa, while she has other plans for her future.

The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim
By E.K. Johnston
In an alternate world where carbon-eating dragons thrive, Owen, the last of a long line of dragon slayers, is tasked with protecting his small town in Canada. His story is ably and wittily told by his bard Siobahn…well, as long she avoids being eaten.

She Is Not Invisible
By Marcus Sedgwick
When Laureth’s father goes missing, she decides to travel from London to NYC to find him. But why would she take her 7-year-old brother with her to follow the cryptic clues to their father?

Daisy to the Rescue
By Jeff Campbell
With over 50 true stories of animals who have come to the rescue, from dogs to parrots to lions, this collection looks at what compels animals to come to our aid and the amazing ways in which they do so.