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Tag: Viaduct

This Week on CityStream with host Guy Farris: The Alaskan Way Viaduct

Tour two Seattle museums with subjects off the beaten path - pinball and a massive public works project. We drop into Milepost 31, where we catch up on Pioneer Square history and dig into the massive SR 99 Tunnel Project. We get our game on at the Seattle Pinball Museum and look[More]

On Ask the Mayor, McGinn pledges to follow voters on tunnel

In the latest edition of Ask the Mayor, host C.R. Douglas asks Mayor Mike McGinn what he will do if voters approve Referendum One, a ballot measure concerning the replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel (it will appear on August 16th primary election ballot). “If the public takes a[More]

Conlin: referendum not for or against tunnel

On the most recent episode of “City Inside/Out: Council Edition,” Seattle City Councilmembers discuss Referendum One, which is about the tunnel replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct, that will appear on August 16’s primary election ballot in the City of Seattle. Currently there is debate about what the referendum means. In general,[More]

What’s hot in local politics? Watch City Inside/Out

 As City Inside/Out closes out our season, we welcome four journalists to give us context on the biggest recent stories coming out of City Hall. We’ll discuss the performance of Mayor McGinn, City Council elections, police accountability and, of course, the ongoing civic saga over the replacement of the Alaska Way Viaduct.  [More]

Mayors Say the Darndest Things

Live, call-in, unscripted interviews with political leaders make great TV because the politicians say surprising and interesting things. Just last month on Ask the Mayor, Mayor Mike McGinn admitted he frequently uses and likes the viaduct. “When I pick up somebody from the airport I come in [on State Route] 99. The[More]

Talk to Your City Council!

What are your questions for Seattle City Councilmembers? Does the Council support City Attorney Pete Holmes’ legal challenge to a referendum on the deep-bore tunnel?  Why did the Council vote to allow taller buildings in Pioneer Square? What is the Council doing about Mayor McGinn’s proposal to site a permanent homeless encampment[More]

Tunnel Votes? on City Inside/Out

Two ballot measures regarding the proposed deep-bore tunnel have gathered enough signatures to qualify for a vote this fall. Referendum 1 seeks to undo the recent tunnel agreements between the City of Seattle and the State of Washington. Initiative 101 would prohibit the use of any city rights-of-way for tunnel construction or[More]

What’s Your Question for Mayor McGinn?

Don't miss your chance to talk to Mayor Mike McGinn! Is the mayor involved in the campaign to repeal the City Council's agreements between Seattle and Washington State on the Alaskan Way Viaduct bored-tunnel project? How is Mayor McGinn's plan for a homeless encampment in the SODO neighborhood developing? What does the[More]

Seattle’s New Waterfront on City Inside/Out

The prospect of removing the Alaskan Way Viaduct by 2016 has created the opportunity for Seattle to envision new and improved public spaces along the central waterfront. This week on City Inside/Out, we examine the City’s plans for a dramatic remodel of the area that will feature a great deal more open[More]

New Year, New Questions for Mayor McGinn!

It’s a new year and SEATTLE CHANNEL hopes one of your resolutions is to call Ask the Mayor. Why is Mayor Mike McGinn raising parking rates up to $4 an hour? Does the mayor support the initiatives opposing a tunnel replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct? Was The Seattle Times fair in[More]