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Tag: City Inside/Out

Seattle Channel wins government TV awards

Seattle Channel is honored to be recognized by its peers in the government TV industry with 10 programming awards announced at the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors' (NATOA) annual meeting held last week in Orlando, Fla. NATOA honors excellence in broadcast, cable, multimedia and electronic programming produced by local government[More]

Mayor’s race opens City/Inside Out season

With the race for Seattle mayor heating up, City Inside/Out kicks off its season with an in-depth look at the match-up between incumbent Mike McGinn and state Sen. Ed Murray. It’s proving to be a prickly political contest with some pundits predicting the ugliest race for Seattle mayor in recent history. We’ve[More]

Interim Chief Pugel on policing Seattle on City Inside/Out

After a tumultuous tenure as chief of the Seattle Police Department, John Diaz stepped down this month and Assistant Chief Jim Pugel took the helm as interim chief. How will Pugel’s leadership style differ, and what challenges will he face? How will the Department of Justice’s consent decree and the Seattle mayoral[More]

Are Seattle’s hoop dreams dead or alive?

After months of waiting, it’s now official. The NBA has rejected Seattle’s bid to bring pro basketball back to town. The decision has left Sonics fans feeling jilted and frustrated. What’s next? Should Chris Hansen and his investment group keep pressing to bring the team back? And what's the future of KeyArena[More]

Micro-housing moratorium?

Living options in Seattle are growing even as space is shrinking. Micro-apartments, sometimes marketed as "aPodments", are sprouting up all over the city. But they’re raising big questions with some critics who say these buildings are exploiting our land use laws. Are developers going too far? Do these compact spaces provide a[More]

DAILY SHORT: Building a pot industry from scratch

More than 55 percent of Washington voters said yes to legalize marijuana for recreational use. But, how we'll implement that system still isn't 100 percent clear. Hear from the state's head marijuana consultant enlisted to help the state Liquor Control Board build a pot industry from scratch. Meanwhile, city leaders are working[More]

Zoning for pot businesses on City Inside/Out

As the deadline approaches for the Washington State Liquor Control Board to issue marijuana licenses, Seattle is scrambling to set up its own guidelines. Which neighborhoods will see pot shops sprout? Will cannabis tourism bloom in Seattle? Are medical and recreational marijuana on a collision course? City leaders are trying to get[More]

Journalists go behind the headlines on City Inside/Out

When will the 2013 legislative session end, and how will lawmakers solve the education funding puzzle? Will Seattle’s police regain community support with a new chief? With election season heating up, who is leading the pack in the race for mayor? Will the Sonics return to Seattle? Our panel of veteran journalists[More]

Gov. Inslee talks budget, legalized pot and education on City Inside/Out

We sit down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Gov. Jay Inslee who is approaching his first 100 days in office. How is the legislative session going? Will he be able to successfully broker a deal with the Republican-led Senate and Democrat-led House to pass a new operating budget on time? We[More]

DAILY SHORT Campaign financing for Seattle City Council seats?

A new proposal to use public money to fund political campaigns for Seattle City Council seats is expected to be on your ballot this fall. Should taxpayers help finance political campaigns? The Seattle City Council is looking at ways to encourage more competition in local races by giving small-dollar donors and lesser-known[More]