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Tag: Andy Wright

Art Zone Backstage Blog #8: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

It was a bit of a transitional week at the Art Zone Studios, as we experienced a major giveth and taketh away situation in the director chair. First up, time to bid a fond farewell to Steve Wilson, who did an unbelievable job filling in for the last three months. Thanks mightily,[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #7: Don’t call it a comeback

And … we’re back? The first show of the New Year found the Art Zone crew tan, fit, rested, and ready to go. Well, rested, anyway. Still, once we worked through a few early rusty spots -- and director Steve Wilson’s desperate need for a lozenge -- the end result was a[More]

Look back at 2009 with SEATTLE CHANNEL

Take a look back at the cultural and political events that shaped 2009 with several popular SEATTLE CHANNEL programs on Cable 21: Seattle City Council 2009: A Year in Review Hosted by C. R. Douglas Plays Thursday, December 31, 6:30 p.m. Join SEATTLE CHANNEL's C.R. Douglas as he sits down for one-on-one[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #6: Carving the Roast Beast

[Department of corrections: In a previous blog entry, Art Zone graphics master Sonja Watson was erroneously depicted as a Twilight enthusiast. The author sincerely regrets this mischaracterization. She’s more of a connoisseur.] So, anyway, the taping of the final show of the first half of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy was, to[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #5: Feelin’ Groovy

The taping of this week’s Art Zone with Nancy Guppy was tinged with tragedy, as we said farewell to a steadfast member of the crew, one who rarely complained and only occasionally smoked on set. You will be missed, giant background lava lamp. If it’s any consolation, though, I have a feeling[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #4: The Can-Do State

Chalk it up to turkey afterglow, maybe, but this week saw one of the smoothest Art Zone tapings in memory, as even the potentially sticky situations -- six guests, in costume, milling around in a small room with a glass punchbowl -- proceeded with negative perspiration. This state of spooky grace was[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #3: Five for Five

So, this week’s Art Zone with Nancy Guppy show is big. Like, oodles of show. Show spilling out into the hallways and splashing unsuspecting passerby. It’s large, is what I’m saying. The thing’s just so mammoth, honestly, that I can’t really say that much about it in the space allotted, other than[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blog #2: Big Bang Boom

Blogger on camera May cause minor discomfort Please don’t adjust set -- Ancient haiku It was business as usual at the ol’ AZ this week, with the combination of lots of backstage scrambling and extremely patient guests making for a solid episode. The day kicked off with another stellar appearance by theater[More]

Art Zone Backstage Blogger #1: It Begins

Before kicking off this inaugural blog entry, a pressing issue involving this week’s episode of Art Zone: Despite all appearances, that was actually not a semi-trained Sasquatch that Nancy interviewed in the tape room. Please refrain from contacting the police, animal control, or local eccentric scientist specializing in cryptozoology. Thank you for[More]