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City focusing on the basics by repaving streets and filling potholes

With “Focusing on the Basics” a key commitment of the 2012 Transportation Action Agenda, today Mayor Mike McGinn highlighted work underway to maintain and improve Seattle’s streets.

With the NE Ravenna Boulevard project now in construction, the city is on schedule to rebuild 15 lane-miles of road in 2012. To further help drivers, transit riders, freight and cyclists enjoy a smoother trip, the city will also continue to emphasize potholes repairs and smaller scale pavement resurfacing.

“Focusing on transportation basics, like pavement repair and improvement, is a key commitment of our 2012 Transportation Action Agenda,” said Mayor McGinn. “Whether through large scale roadway projects or filling potholes, we’re working to enhance Seattle’s roads.”

In addition to rebuilding 15 lane-miles of arterial streets, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will also enhance seven lane-miles of pavement in 2012 by repaving small sections of road with new concrete or asphalt. The department has already completed 1.21 lane-miles of this work on S Myrtle Street, S Trenton Street and Rainier Avenue S. Additionally, due to the efforts of the Pothole Rangers, 4,362 potholes have been repaired in just the first two months of 2012.

This focus on pavement maintenance and improvement builds on progress made in 2011. Last year SDOT reconstructed 24 lane-miles of road, enhanced another 15.8 lane-miles through small scale repaving and filled more than 25,000 potholes.

Scheduled for completion by this fall, the work on NE Ravenna Boulevard will create a new asphalt surface, new curb ramps, better sidewalks, a new curb bulb for accessing the Green Lake Trail and a buffered bike lane. This SDOT project will improve the traveling experience for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, and will enhance safety for all users of the road. The cost of this work is $2.6 million, out of $14.2 million that will be spent on major roadway work this year. The other major roadway project for 2012, on N/NW 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue N, is also already underway.

The NE Ravenna Boulevard project is one of many funded by the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in 2006. This year’s work will bring the total from the first six years of the Bridging the Gap program to 168 arterial lane-miles across the city.

For more information on the NE Ravenna Boulevard paving project, visit SDOT’s project website at

The Action Agenda lays out a clear set of transportation policies, actions and measures guiding the department over next two years. Read the entire plan online at