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Archive for January 27th, 2012

City Inside/Out with Brian Callanan: The Future of Tolling

Since December 29, 2011, the new SR-520 toll has been taking a toll on many drivers trying to cross Lake Washington. How have traffic patterns changed, and is the state on track to raise the revenue it needs for a replacement bridge? Looking ahead, are Washingtonians willing to accept more tolling across the state for […]


Art Zone @ The Movies: Margaret’s Blessed Mess

Bless This Mess Margaret, Dir. Kenneth Lonergan Now Playing at SIFF Cinema You Can Count on Me, the Oscar-nominated 2000 directorial debut of playwright Kenneth Lonergan, was a marvel in miniature:  a brilliantly acted, acutely rendered character study that displayed a firm grasp of what to leave unsaid. Margaret, Lonergan’s follow-up, unfortunately accrued some legendarily […]


This Week on Art Zone…

Nancy and the Zone check out the sights through the distinctive viewfinder of photographer Daniel Carrillo, go through some new routines with choreographer Mark Morris, and serve up a profile of tactile art hostess Sierra Stinson. All this, plus musical collective The Family Crest raising the studio roof. Check out the show at Premieres […]