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Homeless Author Richard LeMieux on Breakfast at Sally’s

Before author Richard LeMieux became homeless, he was a successful journalist and publisher. LeMieux was Sports Director of WCOM Radio and a sportswriter for 17 years at the Springfield Sun newspaper in Ohio. In 1981, LeMieux moved to Washington State where he ran his own publishing company, producing medical directories and university student directories for 14 years. When his business failed, he lost his livelihood, his home, his possessions and his wife of 17 years. Richard was homeless in Bremerton, Washington, with his dog, Willow, for a year and a half. He lived in his minivan and wrote his book, Breakfast at Sally’s, with a second-hand manual typewriter at picnic tables in parks around the city. While he was homeless, Richard and the other homeless people he portrays in his book regularly visited Sally’s, the soup kitchen at The Salvation Army in Bremerton. Watch LeMieux’s talk right now at