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Seattle’s New Waterfront on City Inside/Out

The prospect of removing the Alaskan Way Viaduct by 2016 has created the opportunity for Seattle to envision new and improved public spaces along the central waterfront. This week on City Inside/Out, we examine the City’s plans for a dramatic remodel of the area that will feature a great deal more open space. To further that goal, the City of Seattle has agreed to pay $6 million to an east coast architectural firm to design the new waterfront. So just what would a post-viaduct waterfront look like? What is the price tag? How will replacing the Seattle Seawall affect the process? Will a dramatic redesign draw more locals and tourists to the area?

 We get some perspective from People’s Waterfront Coalition co-founder Cary Moon and Ivar’s CEO Bob Donegan. In our studio, we hear from City of Seattle Planning Director Marshall Foster, Waterfront Partnerships Committee co-chair Maggie Walker and People for Puget Sound’s Heather Trim about the latest developments in this multi-million dollar effort.

We cover the waterfront! City Inside/Out, Friday, March 18, 7:00 p.m., SEATTLE CHANNEL, Cable 21 or right here on! Did you see last week’s program about the turmoil at Seattle Public Schools? Watch it now by visiting