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The Seattle Fandango Project on Community Stories

In its latest episode, SEATTLE CHANNEL’s Emmy-award winning program, Community Stories profiles the Seattle Fandango Project, a group dedicated to building relationships and social activism through participatory music.

The Spanish word “convivencia” translates into living/being together. The Seattle Fandango Project aims to create convivencia through music, dance and singing.  Taking its model from the Fandango tradition of Veracruz, Mexico, the Seattle Fandango Project comes together weekly to teach and learn the music and dance of Veracruz in an open invitation to anyone interested in this participatory gathering. “I was completely floored,” says musician and dancer Martha Gonzales.  “Being a professional musician…to see this practice not only humbled me, but it also was a very empowering feeling.  It just inspired me to see something like this.”

 The fandangos provide an open space for anyone to take part, but they also help to forge a strong sense of community and character. For Yesenia Hunter, it provides her daughter with a link to her identity. “For her to fall in love with the music and begin to learn a skill like dancing, it provided an anchor for her into something that she could say ‘This is who I am’.”

Watch the Seattle Fandango Project right now by following this link:

Or tune in on Monday, December 20, 7:00 p.m., SEATTLE CHANNEL, Cable 21. You can watch past Community Stories by visiting