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City Councilmembers Are Ready for Your Questions

Do you have questions for Seattle City Councilmembers? How effective was the City’s response to Thanksgiving’s snowstorm? What do the Councilmembers think of the state awarding a $1billion contract to construct a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct?  What is the City’s budget outlook for next year? This episode of City Inside/Out: Council Edition features Seattle City Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Nick Licata and Mike O’Brien answering your questions.

Whatever your question is, if you want it answered on TV, you have to call 206-684-8821 or email Host C.R. Douglas will also raise the key issues facing Seattle. You can also submit your questions or watch past episodes by visiting the City Inside/Out: Council Edition website,

Don’t miss this opportunity to put your issues before the City’s lawmakers! Call or email right now! Then tune in Wednesday, December  22 at 7:00 p.m. on SEATTLE CHANNEL, Cable 21, to get answers.